Complete winch strap kit with fairlead roller specially designed for plough lifting.
Robust winch strap to be mounted instead of winch wire or synthetic rope for lifting plough blades or other heavy front-mounted implements. Withstands extreme loads and reduces wear and tear. Best used in combination with fairlead roller 73-12012-1.

30mm wide strap, 1,5m length
6mm synthetic rope, 5,5m length

Shackle at end for attachment to plough, bucket or other lifting equipment.
Bronco Fairlead roller specially designed for plough lifting
Reduces wear and tear when lifting ploughs, the larger lower roller provides a better wire angle. Can also be used in the usual way for normal winching.
Universal model that fits most ATV winch mounts on the market.
Bolt distance C-C: 125mm (standard on most ATV winches and winch mounts).

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Bronco Vinsj kit med stor rulle, syntetisk wire og bred stropp til tyngre løft 1,5m + 5,5m

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