CAKE Kids Evolution Program

CAKE Go is the ultimate transition into the world of throttled fun. With coordination and balance in place, it is time to introduce a motor to the mix. The bike is developed for a steep learning curve, joy and building confidence. The power output is guardian controlled enabling the rider to grow with the bike as their riding skills develop. CAKE go is a fully electric off-road motorcycle, recommended for kids aged 6 years and older.

top speed: +40 km/h
drivers license: Ingen
weight: 32kg
power: 600 W to 1,5kw
range: 1 hour

For Barn Type

Elektrisk Cross / Knattecross

Cake GO kids

kr 35 000 inkl. mva

Elektrisk liten crosser for barn

På lager hos leverandør, 1 - 2 uker levering

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